Elvis Machine

Elvis Machine premiered at  Fusebox Festival in April 2012. The play was performed at a drive in theater of our own creation (built on the grounds of a long dormant Park-n-Fly in Austin Texas), and staged with as much outdoor spectacle as we could muster - parked cars, candy vendors, bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, monster trucks, and a 30 foot sculpture built out of found objects.

So what was the show about?

One visit to contemporary Graceland will confirm to the most die hard Elvis fan: the artist is no longer a person he is a brand, the house is no longer a home it’s an amusement park, and the objects in Elvis’s life are no longer utilities they are currencies to be hoarded and sold. With Elvis Machine we aimed to rip the real Elvis objects out of nostalgia’s hands and molded them into new mythologies, challenging the veneer of kitsch and exploring our deep need to collect.